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Hi, my brother is getting married in March, and I'm looking for ideas on what to wear. They are having vintage/rustic afternoon wedding. (His fiance is wearing her mom's long, flowy dress from the 70's, with a few alterations.) They are in their early twenties, and I am ten years older.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am short and on the heavy side.

What is the weather likely to be?

Depends on whether it's indoors or out, and I'm not sure what "vintage/rustic" means in terms of formality these days, but I like these options for the dressy-fun event I'm picturing:

We are in South Louisiana, so it should be pretty mild, but with this week's weather, you never know! We actually had snow on Friday.

The ceremony will be outside, and the reception will be inside. I really like the first and third dress you linked to. I never shop at Macy's, but I can see that I should. My DD got her homecoming dress there this year, and it was really cute.

The theme of the wedding is the responsibility of the couple and their attendants, not of the guests. Not even the sister of the groom .

So wear a nice dress, one suitable for day, maybe a little bit fancier. As in, a dress versus separates, that sort of "fancier."

You won't need to wear something sleek or shiny, since it's not evening and it's not a formal afternoon event.

I vote the B&W floral SL Fashions one, not the lace one. And the bold-print sheath would be OK if you personally like it.


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