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I'm glad you liked the first one best. I did, too!

If you like that style, I like these options, too:

You could go with classic polka dots (I like that it's jersey fabric):

Or more modern polka dots with classic style:

Keep a cardigan handy in case it gets cold. 

In terms of level of formality, I'd agree with the posters who are suggesting a nice dress, which you could maybe team with a nice cardigan or wrap, rather than a more formal dress and tailored jacket. As the event is outdoors then make sure you aren't wearing shoes with kitten or stiletto heels as they have a nasty tendancy to sink into the grass! As with all weddings, you will be on your feet a lot so make sure they are comfy.

If you don't fancy getting a specifically vintage outfit, but would like to go with the theme, you could still use vintage style accessories. One of the most stunning vintage outfits I've seen was a plain dress teamed with a stunning necklace of large pearl beads.

A vintage fascinator would be a fun addition too.


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