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Tabby Uprising:
Ooh, I love the third one jmarvellous linked to!  It's adorable!

I have to giggle at the popularity of nonspecific "vintage" dress codes (as someone who collects antiques and wears vintage daily).Vintage technically refers to the entirety of human history pre-1980 or so. Vintage rustic could easily be Little House on the Prairie style dresses  >:D.

Our wedding had an optional Old Hollywood dress theme because we married in a 20s movie theater. We specified on our website that the period spans the 20s-50s and thus is very broad. We had guests in everything from flapper dresses and zoot suits to Mad Men style mid century and as far as I know, no one was scratching their head or stressing out over it as we made it clear  A. what it meant and B. that it was optional.   The majority of our guests embraced the theme  and I got a lot of positive feedback from people who enjoyed an excuse to dress up.

I vote for the first dress.  The patterns on the others are a bit too busy for me, but all of them are lovely.

I like EShakti for vintage style dresses.  They fit to all sizes

RE: Vintage/rustic. That's the description I found on pinterest. :) They are basically having a small wedding in the bride's parents' backyard, with big oak trees all around. My brother and his groomsmen are wearing something like this

I know I don't have to follow the "theme", but most of the weddings I've been to have been evening weddings, and my usual idea of "dressing up" is to wear my good jeans! LOL

I think the style of the first one is my favorite.


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