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A Gracious FIL, March 19, 1983

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Because they refused to drive in the city, my family chipped in to rent a van for our Wedding.

The ceremony went off without a hitch (well, almost).  Everyone arrived at the reception site in good time.  During the Cocktail Hour, FIL went out to the parking lot for some reason and saw the van driver opening his lunch box. 

This was not acceptable to FIL.  He came back inside, sought us out and suggested that the driver be brought in to join the reception.  Of course, the driver couldn't  have any alcohol apart from the champagne toast and FIL would happily pay for his meal. 

Our reception was at a steak house.  Guests went to a soup and salad bar, then there would be a plated meal served.  There was room to seat the driver at a table and plenty of meat in the kitchen.  Adding a last minute guest would be no problem. 

Of course we agreed and the van driver joined our reception.  He actually looked more nervous than the average Bride. Everybody at the reception was sociable and the tables weren't divided by families so he fit right in.  Frankly, we think the guests were thrilled to talk with someone they didn't already know. 

By the time the cake was served,the driver had opened his wallet and was showing off pictures of his family.  He was almost in tears and explained that he'd driven to dozens of these affairs and had never been invited inside before. He was having a wonderful time. 

He was in several of the reception pictures and we sent him copies.

FIL was always a kind and generous man but this was a gesture we will especially remember.

Team HoundMom:
That is an absolutely beautiful story.  I'm sure the driver has told many people about your generosity and hospitality, and has "paid it forward."  Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.  I have the warm fuzzies!  What a kind and gracious man your FIL is.  As are you, for welcoming the driver into your wedding reception. 

Sorry, just got some sand in my eyes.  :'(

That's so sweet.

That's a lovely story.  :)

Not quite on the same scale, but one time when my family was in Fiji, we hired a car and driver for the day. We asked him to stop at McDonalds so we could get some lunch. He waited out in the car whilst we went inside. Without really even needing to discuss it with each other, DH and I bought the driver a meal as well; it just seemed liked the right/natural thing to do. It was only a few dollars for us, but probably a significant part of the weekly wage for his gentleman. He was so appreciative, but to to us, it just wouldn't have felt right to be scoffing our food in front of him (or sitting in the restaurant while he waited outside).

Like the driver in the OP, he explained that no one had ever bought him a meal before despite stopping at food places for clients on most of his bookings.  :(


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