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Author Topic: Told off by relatives for announcing a pregnancy early - miscarriage mentioned  (Read 33867 times)

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Not rude, I think we were about 7 to 8 weeks along with our first when my husband and I told family and friends.  Plus it was just before Christmas when we found out so it made a great Christmas "present/surprise" for our mothers.  I am currently 16 weeks along with our second child and my husband spilled the beans at 6 weeks.  I would have preferred he waited a week or two but he was just so excited.  If others are offended by good news it's on them, not you.  If someone mentioned miscarriage to me that early I might just start leaving them out of the "loop" on the baby.  Which probably puts me in E-hell but these days I have no time or patience for "negative nellies".

Congrats to you!  Enjoy your pregnancy and ignore others rudeness.


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Congrats OP!  You were absolutely not rude for telling them and they were VERY rude.  I am 14 weeks now and refused to let my DH even tell his family until 12 weeks because they are a bunch of blabbermouths (although in a clueless not malicious way) and didn't want to chance it getting out on my Facebook page.  We did tell my parents and my best friend but that was IT because I was scared of a miscarriage and didn't want to have to tell everyone (because of my age, it is also riskier for me).  Now that I'm farther along I have told everyone but would have been FURIOUS if anyone had said what your relatives did.  It was bad enough when I mentioned to a friend how much I have been cramping and she got worried right away b/c the only time she had cramps she miscarried.  I told her my doctor said it was fine and normal as long as i wasn't bleeding.  She left it along after that.