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When we were planning our Wedding we didn't give much thought to music.  While meeting with the priest who was to officiate, he asked if we wanted to pay an extra 50USD for a singer who would be in the loft with the organist whose fee was included in the a rental for the church.  He explained that these singers came from a 'local music school', were quite good and had a standard repertoire for Weddings that was was very tasteful.

Sure.  Why not?

Because we were older and my Father refused to walk me down the aisle, Mr. Thipu and I came to the altar together. I sincerely doubt if many of the guests paid much attention to us.  As soon as we stepped off a beautiful love duet began between the altar and the loft.  Guests looked like they were watching a tennis match as their heads shot back and forth to catch where this wonderful music was coming from.

It turned out that our Priest was an accomplished tenor.   The soprano also had a gorgeous voice.  We found out later that the 'local music school' was Julliard.

She did another short solo during our ceremony and there was another duet for the Recessional.  At the reception we were complimented on the non-traditional but perfectly appropriate choice of music.

Outdoor Girl:
Sounds a bit like the minister at my Dad's church.  She's a trained opera singer - alto - so she says she got all the witches, *itches and w*ores parts.   :D  She has a lovely voice; when my Mom was dying, she'd visit her in the hospital and would always sing a hymn for her.  Fortunately, no one in our small town hospital objected to the music coming from the end of the hall.  And to make it even more special, at the time, my parents didn't even go to her church.

Friends of mine were in a choir and other friends were getting married.  So as a surprise, the choir members performed an Irish wedding blessing at the wedding.  It has become a tradition.  When two of the choir members got married, the other two pulled their son into the group and did the same thing.  And it happened again at the next two receptions with friends.

I've told them that if I ever get married, they're doing that for me as my recessional.   ;D

Lady Snowdon:
When my mom and stepdad were married, a friend of theirs sang at their wedding.  They hadn't asked what song she'd sing, and she picked "Give Yourself to Love" by Kate Wolf  I loved the song, and listened to it all the time after that.  When DH and I were married, I looked up Kate Wolf's website, and found a note from her estate stating that, as it was written for a wedding, the estate did not require any permissions or notifications if couples wanted to use it for their own wedding.  So DH and I had it sung at our wedding!  We asked his sister to sing, and while I barely remember it (so much of that day is a blur that I wish I remembered more clearly!), many many people told us it was beautiful and absolutely perfect. 

I think you got yourself a bargain there.  Not many Juilliard-trained singers would be happy with $50US.  Well done!


--- Quote from: Marozia on February 09, 2014, 06:32:39 PM ---I think you got yourself a bargain there.  Not many Juilliard-trained singers would be happy with $50US.  Well done!

--- End quote ---

This was back in 1983 and she was a student at the time.  50 USD was considered quite generous. 

We never knew her name or even saw her.  I sometimes wonder if we later heard her singing at the Met.  I hope so. 


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