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Visiting London in March - what to bring?

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Hello all!  I'm visiting London, England in March and I'd like to know your recommendations on what to bring, clothing-wise.  My work is a casual place, which sees me in jeans, sweaters, and hiking runners most days.  I have a feeling that London is a more fashionable place than the one I live in, and that my mostly casual wardrobe will not cut it when going out to restaurants, speak easy places and other evening events.   I also get cold quickly, so I want to be warm enough while out and about. 

So.... what should I pack with me on my trip that will keep me warm enough without looking out of place and shlubby?



I primary thing I can tell you is Donít Wear White Gym Shoes. You want comfortable shoes, yes, but the white, or anything close to white, especially if theyíre bulky looking, screams TOURIST. Find some comfortable, minimalist shoes in a neutral shade. I have two pair of the same style Sketchers, one in black, the other in tan that I would wear were I going now.

I donít remember what kinds of coats they wore; I just remember that my coat was out of place. Not in a too-casual kind of way, it just wasnít on trend. (It was gray wool, double breasted, with a hood.)

I haven't been there in too long. I should look into going back...

Jeans are fine, I'd go black leather boots if you can, knit sweaters are ok, but not fleece sweatshirts.

Clothes you can layer and waterproof jacket/footwear. Last March I was moving from the North of Scotland. The movers came from the south of England and couldn't believe the weather was dry and fairly warm, you can't count on the British weather...

London has visitors from all over the world, is it even possible to be dressed so wrongly you'd stand out?

Jeans and sweaters are fine for most situations. Some clubs/bars don't allow jeans, and some very starchy, expensive restaurants would expect smarter clothes. If you don't want to look like a tourist, avoid wearing obvious trainers or hiking-type boots, but if you are doing touristy things wear them anyway if they are comfy -- there will be a LOT of walking involved. For evening, though, I would recommend some boots or less casual shoes.

Londoners do wear jeans -- although maybe they are skinny designer ones, not comfort-fit wranglers.


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