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What Herbs or Spices Would You Use With Parsnips?

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Outdoor Girl:
I'm going to be doing a bit of a marathon cooking session this weekend and one of the things I have is parsnips.  I normally just cut them up and boil them, add a little salt and pepper and maybe a drizzle of maple syrup and call it done.

But I was watching MasterChef Canada and one of the contestants made a parsnip puree.  I'll add salt and pepper and probably a little butter but what other herbs or spices would give it a little kick?

If I could make an alternative suggestion, roast the parsnips instead!  Parboil them for about thirty seconds while fat - ideally duck fat, but olive oil or lard or whatever will do - heats in the oven, then put the parsnip quarters into the hot fat, roll them over to coat them, and roast them for about half an hour.  Nothing better!

If you really want them pureed, a smidge of cayenne should help.

I agree that parsnips roasted are yummy, especially mixed with apples.

My favorite way to make parsnips is boiled and mashed, and I found that they mash/purée much more smoothly if cooked in milk, or milk and water, rather than just water.

Rosemary goes nicely with parsnips either way.

Outdoor Girl:
I've tried roasting root veggies.  With the exception of potatoes, I don't like them.  I'm not sure why - it might be a texture thing?  When I boil veggies, I leave them tender crisp so that might be it.

I have some milk that is out of date so maybe I'll use that up on the boiling of the parsnips.  And I have some dried rosemary from my garden last summer!  I also have some cayenne.  So I'll have to take a couple of little portions and add a bit to see what I like better.

I love them roasted. I use rosemary. Another idea is to sprinkle with balsamic vinegar after your roast them. I also like mango vinegar.


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