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Pot, Meet the Kettle

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Because..... she's qualified to give lifestyle advice, is she?,0,7173017.story#axzz2s5bLLfOJ

I get what she is saying. You can still be crazy just keep it legal. Miley is in the headlines for distasteful behavior, but she doesn't have a criminal record. I do see the difference. A lot of stars have clubs in their homes so that they can behave however they want without the public knowing.

Didn't she state that one of her most popular songs is about using ecstasy? And isn't that illegal? As far as the advice to build a club and party at home, it would keep him off the street, but maybe "Stop acting like a spoiled, out of control brat" is better advice.

I have to agree with this. She's eminently qualified to give advice on bad lifestyles. And I find it hilarious that Justin is getting called out by someone his own age and level of crazy...

Smoking pot is illegal in most states as well and I HIGHLY doubt that drinking alcohol is legal in most states before turning 21.


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