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He must have been drunk driving

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I ran into a very interesting assumption the other day.

Background: In my country once you pass your driving test your license is valid until you're 70. Around 15 years ago they changed the format of drivers license so they look like a credit card.

I was standing in line to rent skis at a place where they require you to leave your drivers license as a deposit. Before me was a gentleman who was probably around the age of 50. He handed over his drivers license which was of the credit card format and left. After he left the man in the store remarked to me: "Well you know what it means when someone his age has a drivers license looking like that. I looked at him clueless. Then he explained: "well it must mean that he has had his license revoked at some point. Probably drunk driving."

I was too surprised to think what to say but later thought of all those people who get a new license because they had their wallet stolen and have to live with an assumption like that.

Hmmmm, if I even gave it a thought I'd assume it had been lost and replaced. Why couldn't it be new? I'm 50 and I don't have a drivers licence...

Giraffe, Esq:
Does it not show your address?  Aside from normal expiration/renewal, I've had to get a new license several times because I've moved! 

So yeah, I agree -- a very interesting assumption!

That's a rather odd assumption to make. Where I live the license are good until your 65. However if you move, you'll have to get a new one. If yours is lost or stolen, you have to get a new one. If you change your name, you'll have to get a new one. And of course, if you want to change your picture, all together now, you'll have to get a new one. So if I noticed, I'd probably think of those things happened. Or that maybe the guy just liked the new licenses and he wanted to get a new one so he, so I don't know, got a new one.

That's just weird. People move. If you moved into the state you'd need a new one.

Also, how does this work with photos? Do you keep the same photo from the time you are 18 until you are 70?


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