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One shower per guest?

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When my group was getting married (20 - 30 years ago), the rule was that you didn't invite the same person to more than one shower, except for the mothers, who came to all showers but may not have brought a gift to all.

So, I had a work shower that was my co-workers, a shower in the city where I was now living with friends and neighbors, and a shower in my home town.   No one was invited to more than one of these.

My step daughter has been invited to 3 showers for the same bride.   Apparently all are a different theme - one is a lingerie shower (really, you can't buy your own?), a honeymoon shower ( I have no comment) and a general shower.  I advised her to pick one and attend and send regrets for the other 2. 

Sounds right to me.

And can I just say, the idea of picking out what someone else will wear on their wedding night is so icky I can't even imagine the thought process.

You're absolutely spot-on with your advice.

It's possible each shower has a different hostess, and the GOH thought that conflicts with scheduling might mean that people would miss the one shower they were invited to, and that they'd like to know about all the showers so they could at least attend one.

Honeymoon showers are really pretty common--sunscreen, travel books, and nighties are common gifts.
   I don't know that lingerie is that weird a gift among friends. It's weird among family members, esp. sort of distant ones (an aunt of my DH's gave me a nightie and peignoir; that felt weird!).

I've never had a "shower" in my whole life (I'm married, 2 kids) so forgive me I'm inserting my foot in my mouth, but why are so many needed, and are guests expected to also give gifts after the event (in the case of a wedding)? Furthermore, why do all these people attending even give a hoot? If it is tradition, then I can perhaps see one party, but three just really seems a gimmee-grab.  :-[ if they are all invited to the wedding, why can't they all be invited to one shower? If they are not invited to the wedding, why are they even hearing about it?

I agree, attend one and send regrets to the two others.

Where I live, lingerie showers are quite common and lots of fun!

Edited to add a big ole pod to Toots. :) I meant to when I started, but forgot as I was typing!


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