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Lobster stock and other questions . . . update: LOL! Have you ever done this?

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--- Quote from: jpcher on March 10, 2014, 05:58:16 PM ---So, I have this really nice, tasty left-over lobster stock in my freezer . . .

Last weekend I had guests over for dinner and served salmon with wild rice. Usually for my wild rice I use a chicken stock. While I was at the grocery store I saw a seafood stock and thought that would work well with the wild rice since I'm serving seafood.

So I bought a quart.

Rice is simmering away with the store-bought stock and I went to my freezer to get some ice and I saw . . . yup, my frozen homemade delicious lobster stock. ::)

I just had to laugh at myself because this is not something that I normally have on hand and stupid me forgot about it.

Do you ever do anything like that?


--- End quote ---
what, you mean those bars of chocolate i keep in the freezer, and then forget about and buy new ones to bake my brownies?

nah, i never do that! >:D

Are you kidding? All the time. I either buy extras of what I already have, or skip buying something I need because I'm sure I have some at home already. And yes, I do make lists. But I still do silly things like that.

How did the rice turn out?

Now, the thing to do is to immediately plan another seafood meal for some point in the future and this time, have it in your head that the entire point of the meal is to use the lobster stock. In other words, plan your meal around the stock itself. That's what I do when I find I have too much of something on hand or when I realize I've got something I've forgotten about but really want to eat!


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