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For several reasons, it was decided that I would spend the night before my Wedding at the home of the MOH and her sister.  It was to be a quiet little party.  We'd go out to a nice local bistro for dinner, (my treat), share a bottle of wine and get to bed early. 

When I arrived, they already had a guest for the evening.  It was the Contessa and she was at the garrulous drunk stage. She had an amazing story to tell and I was to get the full benefit of it.

She was a teacher when she met the man of her dreams.  He belonged to an illustrious Italian family and they were to be married.  The Wedding would be held at his ancestral home in Tuscany.  No expense was to be spared.  Her relatives would be flown in and housed at the expense of the Groom and his family.  Her dress would cost XX thousand dollars.  Her jewelry would cost XXX thousand dollars.  On and on she went. 

Now comes the drama.  About two weeks before this extravaganza was due to happen, the Groom stated that, once they were married she would certainly give up her career and devote herself to his happiness. 

That tore it!  She called everything off on the spot. 

What then followed was a tirade about the perfidy of men and the 'slavery' of marriage.  Just the thing you want to hear on the night before your Wedding, right?

Oh yes, the Contessa had gotten hungry earlier in the evening so the sisters had ordered in food.  There were left-overs in the fridge if I wanted anything. 

To try to bean dip, I showed her the pearls my ILs had given me as part of our Wedding gifts. She sniffed.  'They are pretty but, you know, they are cultured'. 

I almost bit my tongue in half not to reply, 'yes, I know they are.  It's a shame you're not'. 

When the Contessa passed out on the sofa, the Bridezilla in me came out. I informed the sisters that she had to be out of here before my mother arrived in the morning.  Eventually, she was poured into a taxi and taken home.  I paid for that.

While I doubt that the Contessa's story was completely truthful, I can assure readers the proceedings of the evening happened exactly as I've related them here. 

I think the real problem here was your MOH who knew this was a special evening, and she allowed this extra guest to tag along and monopolize everything and throw your plans off track.

Oh, dear.

You know, people putting down marriage to brides seem to be amazingly common. When my sister got married, she had a very small wedding, with exquisite food. She knew she didn't want the traditional wedding cake so I took her to this little French bakery that is divine. We sat down with the chef to tell him what she needed and sort everything out. He showed us a delicious cake, filled with mango cream and covered in a snowy white coconut frosting, decorated with flecks of gold. Perfect! Then, he heard it was to be her wedding cake. We got treated to a long diatribe against marriage, how it changes everything, how couples got along perfectly well until they married, etc, etc, etc.

The cake was good enough for us to ignore his rants and get it anyway.

I'm sorry that this happened to you and the non-Contessa sounds like a pill.

I agree that some topics trigger people to tell horrible stories and marriage is certainly one of them.  It is an odd reaction that, not surprisingly, is held by people who had a bad marriage. 

How odd that she chose this night of all nights to have this woman there. I suppose it gave you a good story to share down through the years... but still, so odd. I wish you could have had the night you anticipated instead of what you got!


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