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Just for Fun. Phrases or words that annoy you deeply...

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I have a sort of friend who has little "verbal tics" that drive me absolutely crazy. It's like he cannot stop saying them.
One is "...as they say..." after every sentence.
I feel like saying "For the love of cheese, PLEASE stop saying that!!!!!!!!!" It just distracts me from whatever we were talking about and makes me want to hurl myself out of the nearest window.
What bugs you in speech and why???

Free Range Hippy Chick:
I had a colleague who used to tack 'know what I mean' onto every, but every sentence. Occasionally I would lose all self control and say 'yes, I do, thank you' every time, in the certain knowledge that it would make him lose his train of thought. I think he used it as a means of grabbing a second of thinking time without leaving a space in the conversation into which I could have put a rebuttal to what he was actually saying, which was usually a demand for me to do part of his job for him.

Another one used 'if that makes sense' at the end of two sentences in every three. It was marginally, but only marginally, less irritating, because to begin with she was supposed to be explaining to me how something worked, and later on explaining why it didn't work the way it was supposed to, and she was a woman who wore her insecurities on her sleeve, so at least early on, I think it was a genuine attempt to make sure that I understood what was going on. It became more annoying when I realised that she did it in normal conversation too, where it served no purpose: 'we went out to look for a new car for DH yesterday, if that makes sense'. Well, yes, I recognise all those words...

Basically, I find it basically annoying when someone overuses the word basically. They are basically showing that they don't have much of a vocabulary and they basically are not paying attention to what they are basically saying and how it basically sounds to others.

"You know?" at the end of every sentence.  No need.
Adding an uplifting lilt to the end of every sentence? To make it sound like a question? Stop it? Please?
Abusing the word literally makes me literally want to vomit.
"Myself" and "My good self" instead of "Me". Is there any need?
I am not having a very good day today and it doesn't take much to annoy me!!!

The word moist. It just irks me.  When public speakers say "ummm" after every sentence.


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