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Sweet or savory breakfast?

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A thread (Gestures you thought was nice but others found intrusive) made me wonder why France seems to be on the vast minority with only sweet breakfast food.

Weird, our closest neighbours (let's say the UK, Germany, Spain, even Belgium) have, I think, a much more savory "traditional" breakfast. At least they used too, nowadays cereals are pretty ubiquitous and almost always sweet...
Here it's toast and jam, cereals, yogurt and a fruit, pastries (but that mean someone had to go get them in the morning  ;D)... kids will often have things like (hot) chocolate milk, for adults it's tea or cofee, fruit juice.
And all around us it's ham, eggs, beans, cheese...
I still haven't looked into it, but I guess at one point (probably the 60/70s) we shed the savory breakfast for a sweeter one because I'm pretty sure that the rural and working France was the same as the rest, a nice filling breakfast before going for a full day of labor.

What about your breakfast?
For me if it's not sweet it's not a breakfast so I have no problem with donuts or cake, things that were talked about in the other thread. A savory breakfast is often synonym with being abroad in the UK or Portugal.

Either or both is fine with me. I'm just as happy with cereal, bacon and eggs or pancakes. Though if I eat later I usually want a bigger breakfast.

I love how croissants can go both ways, with ham and cheese or butter and jam.

You're absolutely right about the UK. The only traditional breakfast foods I can think of which are sweet are marmalade, and stewed prunes. Even porridge was traditionally served with just salt for flavouring.

That said, hardly anyone has that every day now. You might have a fry-up at the weekend (bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding, fried tomatoes, baked beans, and other extras according to region including haggis in Scotland) but during the week it's mostly toast or cereal.

Germany seems very much the same (my DH is German, we live in England). Cold meats and cheese with a variety of bread. Or if you fancy something a little...more substantial... you could have Bauers Fruehstueck (Farmers Breakfast) Fried onions, potatoes, liver sausage and blood sausage. Yummy, but it probably contains a whole day's worth of calories!

I have to be careful with the sweets, so I prefer my sweet to come from fruit! I tend to have Greek yogurt for protein and dairy with whole grain granola. I also make breakfast casseroles that we can just pop in the microwave for a minute and have a hot breakfast.

Weekends, we have pancakes or waffles with bacon or sausage and eggs. Sometimes we have my family tradition, chocolate gravy and American style biscuits.

savoury! UK here. The thought of donuts for breakfast makes me feel slightly sicky. :o

My fav. breakfasts
boiled or poached egg with wholmeal toast
wholemeal toast with Marmite (hey you at the back! - I can hear you making retching noises from here)
Weetabix or All-bran (not very sweet wholegrain cereals) with full fat milk
Piece of cheese with grapes
Banana (I suppose that's sort of sweet)
Natural yoghurt with honey (slightly sour yoghurt with sweetness, I suppose)

Very rare - full English of egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, toast, maybe some bubble&squeak.


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