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Words you think should make a comeback

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White Dragon:
We often have threads where we come up with words that we feel should be retired with extreme prejudice, but we never talk about the classics, words that should really make a comeback.

As I was driving home the other day, the phrase la donna mobile came to mind.
I was trying to remember what it meant and the best interpretation I could come with was the lady is inconstant in her affections.

It occurred to me then that "inconstant" is a classic word and it's kind of cool. I think it needs to make a comeback!

What other lost paragons of vocabulary are you pining for?

Feckless (lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible)

The Sweetie was describing an ex to me, and I said "She sounds really feckless."  The Sweetie hadn't heard the word, but looked it up and agreed that's exactly what Ex is.

We now describe admirably responsible people as "feckfull."

ETA that Google tells me "feckless" come via Scotland and is related to "not-effectual."

I taught my 3-year-old the phrase "the cat's pajamas" the other day.
I don't think it stuck, but it was great while it lasted  ;)

It's a bruise you sustain while throwing a temper tantrum.

White Dragon:

--- Quote from: Elfmama on February 13, 2014, 03:13:58 PM ---HYZIOMA
It's a bruise you sustain while throwing a temper tantrum.

--- End quote ---

Oh! I totally want to adopt that word!

Is it pronounced high-zee-oh-ma? Kinda like hematoma?


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