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Author Topic: S/O - the small brags/good new thread (kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews....)  (Read 1201 times)

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I didn't want to hi-jack the other thread, but i did want to brag a little bit. I'm sure we al have those "proud parent" moments... so here's mine:

My son has been through a lot of issues in his life, and has really been trying to get help but not always successfully. everyone talks about "the programs" that are out there to help "people like him" but I've see firsthand how the programs (or the people working in them) are not really helpful. He is depressed, has been diagnosed with Asperger's is very smart and high functioning but cannot hold down a job (he can *get* jobs, but ends up leavign after a few days because ... well because of the way he is). He has trouble getting along with others -he is very shy and geeky, but he is also very "annoyed" by others who don't follow the rules and has trouble accepting that "this is the way life is - we all have annoying co workers".

he started a new program a few months ago and it's been so wonderful for him. (the program is a real bookstore that is run by a NP - people donate the books for credit and then other people buy the books. they have to cataologue, set up, enter things in the computer and do frontal and online sales). the people running the program *listen* to each person, *see* each person, and tailor the programs to fit each person. For example, way at the beginning, my son called in sick one day. they asked him "are you really sick or are you just feeling panicky?". this was the first time anyone had ever asked him that. (it so happened that he really was sick).

Anyway, they started giving him other responsibilities - they saw that he is smart and responsible and didn't waste time (like in other programs) on "today we will learn to come to work on time" because he already does that. Instead, they are training him to be a shift manager, asked him to write out "work manuals", etc. at first i thought it was just his "dysfunctional thinking" - that *he* believed that they would make him a shift manager because they should and because he is so much smarter than everyone else - but it seems that they are truly believing in him and letting him try out new things. it's so refreshing and so nice to see him being rewarded. I am so proud of him for pushing through. we are able to talk alot - i give him pointers on how to deal with others, even told him to see "the annoying people" as a good thing because it is training for how to be an effective manager. i finally feel that "something" is going through. getting the positive feedback from his bosses is making *him* feel better about himself. this is a short term program and i am hoping it will lead to a real job and hopefully some kind of college/classes.

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