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Hey everyone, I have a really random question that I should not be worrying about until if or when the time ever comes for me to have my own wedding.   ::)  But I am going to ask anyway.

Is it ever okay to hire more than one caterer at a wedding?

For a little more detail: Most of the people that I know are extremely unadventurous when it comes to food-meat and potatoes, and it is always the same caterer with the same food at every single wedding.  I, on the other hand, consider myself to be a bit of a foodie and I adore Thai food!  There is a fabulous Thai restaurant in my hometown that I would love to cater my dream wedding someday, though from what I have read, they have limited catering services.

If said dream wedding should ever occur in my hometown and Awesome Thai Restaurant is unable to cater for 200-300 people, but could do some of the food, is it okay to hire a second caterer (might not be the same one listed above) to take on some of the more "traditional" wedding food?   

I don't see why not. You would just have to be clear in your instructions and make sure the two caterers know about each other so there is no confusion.

I don't see why you couldn't, but I think there would be logistical challenges around how much food each one makes, how they divide the prep space, how they set up, and all sorts of things.  It's a long way of saying, I wouldn't, but I don't know that it is prohibited.

Make sure it's okay with the reception venue, too. They might have restrictions.

I think it would be difficult logistically. How do you decide who gets Thai food and who gets "traditional" wedding food? If you just select those whom you think would be ok with the Thai food, what if someone you gave traditional to wanted Thai? If you give everyone a choice on the invitation (like some do with say, fish or chicken) then what if too many people pick Thai (since you say their capabilities are limited to smaller numbers)?

I think the more ideal situation would be to find one caterer who can do a varied menu for a large crowd.

So yeah, as far as it being OK, as long as the two caterers and the venue were ok with it, it'd be ok. But as far as how doable it would be? With what you describe, I think it would be very difficult and as a bride, probably not something you'd want to be fretting over.

Just as I was typing this all up, it occurred to me, you know what I'd do? I'd have Thai food at the rehearsal dinner. It's bound to me a smaller group. And maybe you could do some h'ors doeuvre which were more "traditional" so the less adventurous could fill up on those.


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