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--- Quote from: Please pass the Calgon on February 18, 2014, 11:30:01 PM ---Our nieces each did something similar at their wedding receptions. They are Persian-American and wanted food from both cultures. They hired a specifically Persian caterer and a regular one. The food was served buffet style (2 long buffet tables, both with the same mix of Persian & American food made for fairly fast moving lines), and there was tons of it.

--- End quote ---
I agree with this concept and make one caterer or the wedding planner in charge of decisioins.

If your friends and family are unadventurous eating all the time springing spicy Thai on them probably won't go over very well. Especially if any of them find out that they can't tolerate spicy foods. I can't.; mild to medium is all I can tolerate.

I admit staring at the same old entree every reeception would drive me bonkers so I sympathize but hearing "I'm a foodie so spicy Thai for everyone!" out of the blue would have me leaving the reception for food I can eat.


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