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I'm mostly just looking for ideas, or advice, based on experiences other posters have had in the past.

I'm officiating a ceremony in Puerto Rico this summer.  I was asked to do this because I introduced the HC, and after talking to them about what they want, I feel pretty comfortable.  The ceremony is going to be a handfasting.

The ceremony will be on the beach around sunset with a dinner reception afterwards.  The HC has said they are shooting for "vintage nautical," and the bridesmaids are wearing fuschia (not sure how that fits but not my concern!)

I want to wear something non-attention-attracting, because the focus at the front should be on the HC.  But the bride wants something that indicates I am part of the wedding party.  I had the following ideas:

Pale blue dress with sash that matches bridesmaids
Pale gray dress with same sash

Same dresses as above, but with flowers behind ear/in hair that match bridesmaids

That's pretty much where I'm at with ideas.  Bride keeps saying whatever makes me happy is fine with her, so I feel like I have lots of leeway! 

I'd love to hear ideas!

It's sort of silly to contradict the bride, but I don't think the officiant is part of the wedding party.

They have a separate and important role. And so I'd want to look sober, responsible, and--well--official.

So I'd go w/ a long gray dress, or something similarly sober and responsible.

I especially would -not- want to match the bridesmaids. That just feels way too frivolous to me.

I am a wedding celebrant and registrar in the UK, and perform civil wedding ceremonies. I wear a charcoal grey suit with a white shell- I need to look smart and well groomed, but in an unobtrusive way.

That said, I am performing ceremonies for people I don't know. Also these are not handfastings where (in my experience) things are more relaxed. I think maybe the pale grey dress with matching fuschia sash might be appropriate. Personally I wouldn't go for the flowers, but taht's just me. Don't hold any flowers though, because you will need your hands free.

As officiant I would prefer to wear something more business-y.  I wouldn't want to look like part of the bridal party - that could be confusing for the guests.

I would normally say that the celebrant should dress unobtrusively. But because of the nature of the ceremony, because you're obviously friends with both bride and groom, and because the bride has asked you to be a little bit matchy, I'd go with the blue dress and matching sash. Because I like pale blue and fuschia. But the grey would be equally nice.


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