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s/o Friday morn wedding: what are the common wedding times/days where you live?

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In the other thread , many posters were saying how most weddings they've been to are on Saturday or Sunday. I was wondering about that- in Israel, where the weekend is usually friday-saturday ( and having a wedding friday night or Saturday during the day is not possible due to religious reasons), weddings ( and other events like bar mitzvah etc) are held mid week ( evening) with Thursday night being the coveted night as well as friday morning. But certainly I've been to weddings and other events every day of the week.

Bar mitzvah and bris ( circumcision) are often held in the morning ( at least the ritual part as it's part of the morning prayers), mid week.

How about where you live?

Midwest US. In my circle I would say Saturday is the most common day. Usually late morning/early afternoon--like a 10am wedding or a 2pm wedding.

Friday evening or Sunday afternoon/evening would not surprise me much, either. Other days and times would surprise me a little, for a "big" wedding anyway--if it's a very small gathering I would assume the time/day was based on what worked best for all the guests.

I'm in England. Most weddings take place on a Saturday. The most popular time here is 2.30pm.

Summer weddings are more popular here, so people do sometimes have to compromise on the time of wedding to fit in with place of worship or registrar schedules. I've started at 8am and gone through to a 4.30pm wedding before now, with eight in a day. They have to take place during daytime in England, but things are different in Scotland.

Most of the weddings we are invited to are for DH's family.  In their church, weddings are usually at either 3:00 PM or 3:30 PM on Saturday afternoons.  This allows for all of the culturally expected morning/early afternoon activities prior to the wedding and gets the wedding over and the wedding party cleared out of the church before evening vespers at 6 PM. 

Pacific Northwest here, I don't think I've been to a single wedding that wasn't on a Saturday afternoon.  Big posh event or courthouse wedding, they're all between 1-6pm on Saturdays.


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