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s/o Friday morn wedding: what are the common wedding times/days where you live?

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Jewish in the Midwest US here.  Jewish weddings can't be held on the Sabbath, which is Friday night til about an hour after sunset on Saturday night, so as you can imagine Saturday night weddings are rare except in winter.  This accounts for the popularity of Sunday weddings on three day weekends -- that way you can still have an evening wedding in the summer.  I was married on July 4 (it was a Sunday), and both my children chose Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.  Last year a cousin married on Thursday, July 4; she assumed, correctly I think, that nearly everyone would have Friday off anyway.

In Israel, my experience has been like the OP's.  Tuesday, considered a lucky day, is also a traditional day for Jewish weddings.  I don't know how people get up for work the next day, but they manage.

I think that the Protestant and Catholic weddings I've been to have all been on Saturdays.  We live across the street from a big, pretty church, and my daughter and I like to sit outside on Saturday afternoons and look at the beautiful clothes and cute children when the bridal parties and guests come out!

I've never been to the kind of wedding I've read about here where the ceremony and reception were hours apart.  The reception is always immediately after the ceremony, although sometimes in a different venue.


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