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s/o Friday morn wedding: what are the common wedding times/days where you live?

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Most of the weddings I've been to have been Catholic weddings, and mostly in New England.

Usually on Saturday. Because there is a Saturday evening Mass at most churches, the weddings have to be over by 3 or 4 pm. Usually, there is a choice between, say, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm or 3 pm.

In the Boston area, the Catholic churches have large congregations, and it's not unusual to have 2 or 3 weddings on the same day.

Catholics can be married on Sunday, but many parishes don't allow Sunday weddings because the church and priests are busy most of the day with multiple Masses.

The only day a Catholic can't get married is Ash Wednesday. And individual parishes/dioceses may have other limitations--i.e. some don't allow weddings during Advent and Lent.

I live in Texas and all the Christian weddings I've attended accept one was on Saturdays. The most popular time for Protestant weddings is 7pm (maybe 6pm) and Catholics are usually 2pm. But I've also attended morning weddings with a lunch afterwards, lots of afternoon weddings with a reception immediately following, and one Friday evening wedding.

Western Canada here. I think every wedding I have been to (except one) has been Saturday afternoon with a dinner reception. The one exception was a Friday evening (7 pm) with a cocktail reception immediately following.

Florida US here.

Out of ten weddings.

Friday. One afternoon 3 PM, followed by a cocktail reception. One evening 7 pm, followed by a dinner.

Saturday. Three 10-11 AM weddings, followed by a lunch. The remainder were afternoon weddings, most with a large break before the reception.

I would rather attend a daytime wedding on Friday, immediately followed by the reception, than spend 6+ hours between a wedding and reception. My least favorite are receptions with a different dress code than the wedding.

I'm in Texas too. Jewish weddings here are normally held on Saturday night (most likely in the winter months) or Sunday afternoon or evening. The Christian and non-religious weddings I've been to are always on Saturday. I've been to morning, afternoon and evening weddings.

I've never been invited to, nor even really been aware of weddings taking place on weekdays/weeknights other than people going down the courthouse for a quick civil ceremony.


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