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The never ending glass clinking

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We have been in a wedding streak in the past few years, and almost every single reception involves the clinking of the glasses to get the couple to kiss.  The problem is that the guests can get incredibly obnoxious about it-like every 5 minutes the clinking starts up again until the couple kisses.  I can imagine that it would be very annoying for the couple who are trying to eat or converse with other people.  I know I would be if I were in that position.  In one family, the first to get married had the constant clinking.  When the next sibling got married, they had a jar set up so anytime the guests wanted to see the couple kiss, they had to pay.  I think that it was a little rude due to money grubbing, but it certainly put a stop to the constant clinking.

So what say you E-hellions?  Is this just something that you have to put up with?  Or is there a polite way to put an end to it after the first couple of times? 

Outdoor Girl:
I've seen other variations:  You have to get up and sing a song with the word 'love' in it; you have to tell a story about either the bride or the groom (or both); you have to sink a putt on an indoor putting green.  If you miss, you have to kiss your date.

My brother and his stbxw did the song with love thing.  And when it got to be too many, they started going out and kissing other people, instead, starting with the family.  That shut things down pretty quick.

I've never witnessed that before but I can tell you, it would drive me to distraction! Once or twice? Ok, it's cute. But around about the third time I'd be like,  :o. I mean, not only does it interrupt the HC from doing what they were doing, eating, talking, whatever, but it seems like it would put a halt to all conversation around the room.

What if someone in authority, Father of the bride or MC of the entertainment or the officiant if s/he were attending the reception simply announced to please desist.

Or, you know, they could just stop kissing!

We beat it by kissing all the time.

So nobody had any reason to want to make us do it.

It wasn't intentional. Just a side-effect.


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