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The never ending glass clinking

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--- Quote from: twoferrets on February 26, 2014, 08:35:34 AM ---This is one of several things I'm not looking forward to!  I'm already sort of petrified about the idea of walking down the aisle with lots of people staring at me (I told my mom I don't want everybody LOOKING at me, and after she stopped laughing she reminded me that that's what people do at weddings-- look at the bride and groom).  The idea of friends, family, and (CRUD MONKEYS!) co-workers witnessing repeated clink kisses makes me want to crawl into a hole.

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I realized something many years ago. It involved "A wedding would be nice. But I don't like walking down the aisle. Oh, & I don't look good in white. Hey, there's a whole bunch of wedding traditions I don't like. Why don't I look up the origins ?...Huh, so apparently I'm supposed to do things a certain way because of Queen Victoria's wedding, evil spirits showing up and fertility symbols. Apologies to Vicky & company, but I don't give a scrabble enough to keep those traditions up. I will plan my wedding like a kick butt party instead."

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Here here! I keep hear "You have to do XYZ" but it turns out you in fact do not have to do most of those things. I'm not wearing a veil, I'm walking down the aisle with Partner at my side, no train on my dress, and my wedding peeps are of both female and male genders, their outfits don't match, and I'm even letting one of the female peeps rock pants because she hates dresses. Because that's what works for us.

Also saying "letting" in regards to my friend wearing pants so weird. I've seen her dresses and she beyond uncomfortable in them. I suggested she wear something similar to the guys and make it her own and she jumped for joy (litterally, I joined in) and thanked me for letting her wear pants. At which point I told everyone if they felt more comfortable in a dress/pants to wear that regardless of gender.

Our MC, a drag queen friend of ours (who will be in drag at the wedding), said "When they try the clinky-clinky, I'm gonna go over there and lay a big wet one on them!" we are fine with that plan. I told Partner I don't care how hard they clink, if I'm eating I'm eating.

Note to self: never get between Glitter and her food.

It's a good rule to follow. I'm very passoniate about my food.  ;)


--- Quote from: Seraphia on February 24, 2014, 12:47:28 PM ---
--- Quote from: kategillian on February 24, 2014, 11:38:02 AM ---Or, you know, they could just stop kissing!

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Friends of ours went the opposite route.

First clink: normal smooch

Second clink: falling under the table makeout session.

There wasn't a third round of clinking.

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Good lord, that would have had the opposite effect on some of the weddings I've been too.  People would have wanted to see how far the couple was willing to go! 

But perhaps I have a particularly rowdy group of friends....


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