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My Child Is Crying Because...

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Someone feel free to spin off this one to "My cat is meowing because..." or "My dog is barking because..."
I'll start.
This morning my child was crying because the spoon he was using to eat his breakfast cereal was "The wrong spoon, Mummy, the wrong spoon!" (I would have laughed were it not for the look of abject heartbreak and misery on his little face - am I a heartless and bad Mummy?!)

Team HoundMom:
I don't have children but I lived with a single dad for a short time.  His son was 5 and hadn't learned how to tie his own shoes yet.  One time we were rushing out of the house and the boy insisted on wearing boots with laces.  His dad tied them quickly and we left.  In the car the boy started crying because his shoes weren't tied how his dad usually ties them.

My youngest was crying because I wouldn't let him lick his muddy wellies.

This is an old one but my brother once cried cause I didn't cut his PB&J properly.

A friend of mine's son cried because he suddenly decided his bedroom was 'too big'.

He's 21 now. We still say "I can't go in there, it's tooooo biiiiiig!" to him :)


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