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My Child Is Crying Because...

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DD's description of her nightmare, " (Couldn't understand what she said) and then Mommy said Nooooooo".  That last said with a wail. 

One of my cousins (now in his early 30's) had very curly  hair as a little kid and he hated it and called it "up hair".

This is kinda cute and poignant.

When they were younger (I think 8 and 11), my two kids watched Code Lyoko (a French anime series that had been broadcast earlier on TV in the US) together on the computer. They'd plan when to watch, and make a point never to watch alone. And then we'd all talk about the characters and plot points.
    (It was a cartoon/anime in which the characters entered a virtual-reality computer and had adventures there that would occasionally bleed over into the real world. )

Eventually the show ended. My son and I were chatting as I was tucking him in--he was about 8, I think. He asked if I thought they'd start it up again if he wrote them a letter. And he started quietly crying because it was over.

I felt sad for him! Poor kid.

I know that feeling. It's how I felt when I realized there were no more Harry Potter books.

And for both of us it wasn't just the idea that the show was over, but that it had been such a shared experience with other people. For him, it was he and his sister, and a little bit me.

(I found out that in France, they've started a live-action/CGI sequel. I don't know if it's possible to see it in English in the US, though.)

My son got very upset over the fact that his female friend found a boyfriend over spring break.  ::)

I guess she was supposed to remain available for him? We talked about communication.

My co-worker's little boy threw a temper tantrum because he wanted to wear his sandals outside. On a polar vortex day with a ton of snow.

I think there's a blog called "Reasons my son is crying" or something like that? Hilarious stories and pictures--I remember one with a little girl in snow gear sprawled on the floor of the foyer, mid hissy fit, because her mom told her to take off her hat. All told affectionately, though, I think, not mean-spirited. :)


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