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The link to menus with ingredients is a great idea. A lot of us meateaters think of veg dishes as being light, such as salads. However, I'm a fan of mid-eastern food, so I know that a lot of their dishes are very hardy and satisfying. The menu will let people know that they won't need to eat ahead of time. LOL. Thinking of your mid-eastern menu has me drooling.

I think menu might bi nice, but not necessary. I think most important information about food for guests are about the "level" of food (full meal, snacks, coffee, light salads) and that is possible to inform without going into details. Other one is will guest able to eat something without fearing for their lives (as in is there going to be suitable food regarding allergies).

But, as others pointed out, seeing menu beforehand might be nice extra.

I'm omnivore, but I have to admit that one of the best wedding dinners I've gotten was vegan. And I do believe no one was left hungry.

Niece and her DH did something similar at their Wedding.  They used an Egyptian caterer who provided a nice variety of both vegan and non-vegan dishes.  There was even an alternative vegan cake available.  All the food was delicious and everyone seemed quite pleased. 

The idea of making the menu available to your guests beforehand is very thoughtful. 

It sounds like this will be a fun Wedding. 

Sounds great!

As others have mentioned, I would just make sure all those with dietary requirements know what they can and can't eat.

Well, I'm going to disagree with the rest of the group here.

My feeling is that if the food is good, there is no need to "warn" people about what is being served.

No matter what cuisine is being offered, those people with food allergies or intolerances will need to know the ingredients--gluten, for example, or soy, show up in a lot of foods you would never expect them to.

And even a "normal" meal with meat/chicken/fish might leave some guests going hungry. I have no medical issues with food. But I can't eat very rare beef; I just can't make myself choke it down, although I can eat well-done beef. So at my cousin's wedding where we were served a plated meal of a huge slab of nearly raw prime rib, six one-inch cubes of roasted potatoes and five green beans--well, it was a good thing I was seated with family who were willing to give me most of the rolls and a lot of their green beans, and who were willing to get that icky piece of meat off my plate. (And I was still able to eat the salad and the dessert, so I didn't walk away hungry.) I didn't complain about this at all--it just goes to show that *any* meal you offer might not suit the tastes or needs of an individual guest.

So unless it is customary in your circle to announce the menu in advance, I don't see any real need to publicize what food is being served. I also think that if there are guests who will not be happy with a vegetarian meal, you are opening yourself up to weeks or months of complaints and having to explain why you choose what you did. And to me, it makes it seem as if the vegetarian (or vegan) meal needs to be explained or apologized for, when vegetarianism is a perfectly valid eating choice.

With the menu in the OP, some people might not like the vegetarian aspect of it. Some other people might not like the Middle Eastern aspect of it. And that's going to happen no matter what food you serve.

Now, identifying what food is what during the meal--that's a great idea no matter what is being served, because there are so many people today with food allergies and intolerances. As long as the caterer can provide the ingredients for those people who need to ask about them, I don't see a problem in not "warning" people in advance.

Now, I also feel that adults who have to eat certain kinds/types of food, or eat at regular intervals, or both, need to be prepared, when attending an event where they have no control over the food, for the fact that they might not be served exactly what they need when they need it. And that, as adults, they need to make sure that they eat ahead of time or bring along something to eat in case that happens.


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