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I am relatively new at a job, along with a coworker I will call Nancy (we started at the same time in a group of people) who has really angered a lot of people with lies and other misbehavior. 

When we were all in training she told some of us that she worked at a bar part time in addition to the day time job we were training for but it just so happened the bar she said she worked at was the same one another coworkers parents frequented (I will call the other coworker Betty) and so Betty asked the owner if Nancy was working there and the owner never even heard of her.  This upset Betty so she called Nancy out on it and Nancy didn't apologize but acted as if she never said it.  Later, she started making up stories about our training boss, that he worked another job full-time as well as the one we were at.  She also started giving out all the trainee's performance stats that she shouldn't have had access to and telling everyone what they were.  Turns out the training boss did tell her what they were to show her that everyone has something that they're working on improving but it was supposed to be confidential.  She also told people she could make any mistake and as long as she didn't do it twice, she couldn't get fired.  There's more but it would take too long to write it all down.

Nancy hasn't made a lot of friends here.  In fact, everyone has been hired on permanently except her, she's still considered a trainee.  We're soon going to be on the same schedule and I don't want to end up being stuck eating lunch with her but whenever your in the lunch room, people will just slide up to you and talk. I don't want a perception that we are friends and I've been trying to stay out of this so far.

My question is, what to do if she tries to sit with me at lunch?

Get up and move? Take your lunch back to your desk, maybe, or suddenly see someone on the other side of the room that you want to ask something of.

Ignore her?

Crazy Chicken Lady:
Bring a book or magazine to read while you're eating. Or you could play Angry Birds on your phone so you look busy.
If she tries to start a converstation with you, just give short but polite answers.

I would say that if you're scheduled with her and you can't tolerate her company at all, you should eat elsewhere. At your desk, somewhere else in the building, or out.

I started to suggest that you get up and move or try to eat with someone else and ignore her but that felt a bit too high school-ish.

I would love to just eat at my desk but we're not allowed so I'd have to either eat in my car or the lunch room. I don't like to eat out at lunch--yes, I'm funny that way--so that would be a no go.

I have to ask if anyone has worked with a person who lied incessantly for no apparent reason and do you have any thoughts as to why they would do this?  It's very strange to me.


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