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General Travel tips for a first timer

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So for those of you who have seen my other thread, you all know I have a job out of state. Its across the country actually, in Alaska. So that means I am going to have to go on a plane. I am afraid of heights. What I want to know:

What does it feel like during take off?

I don't really have reason to be afraid that this plane is just gonna suddenly drop out of the sky right?

I am seriously terrified. Oh and did I mention? I have a fear of heights.  :-\

Second issue:

I am going to be gone for five months. So what do I pack? How much of each thing? how big should the luggage be? Granted I know I will be washing my clothing, but, I do need some guidelines!

What else should I bring with me? I am going to be bringing a bunch of games in my carryon so that my fellow workers and I aren't just sitting there bored in the rec room all the time.

So what say you, ehellions? What would you bring?

Travelling by plane is a lot safer than by car so, no, you don't have a lot to be worried about.

Sit away from the window. During take-off, you will feel the plane speeding up on the run way and, then, you will feel your back press into the seat back as the plane takes off. Depending on the airport, the plane may need to make a turn, so you will feel it tilting a little to the side. Some people will feel the pressure building up in their ear (I never had a problem). And that is pretty much it.

If you are unlucky, you may have to cross some turbulence. In most cases, it feels like a bumpy road. In bad cases, there will be roller coaster like dips. Yes, you may feel that weird feeling in your stomach. But remember that the plane is flying incredibly high and there is plenty of room below. It may feel like an eternity but it is a only a couple of seconds.

The descent when landing is usually pretty smooth and shouldn't bother you. Then, you will feel the bump when the landing wheels hit the run way. The plane will brake quite strongly (and your purse may slide down under the next seat...) and you are done.

I haven't seen your other thread, could you direct us to it?

I too am not crazy about heights, but you really don't notice it much in a plane that's taking off.  The angle is really pretty gentle, and they'll generally tell you that you can take your seatbelt off within a few minutes.  However, it can be a good idea to keep it on.  It's not uncomfortable, but the fact is that the plane can encounter turbulence (wind, not dangerous) just about anytime.

Also, it depends on what area of Alaska you're going to - it's a huge state with highly varying weather conditions.  Places such as Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula don't necessarily get a whole lot colder than northeastern continental US.  If you're going to be indoors most of the time, you probably don't need thermal underwear for example.

@kareng57 here is the other thread:


Congrats on the new job!

Airplanes aren't *that* bad. It's kinda scary at take off and touch down, but most of what bothers me is the motion sickness (I have jacked up ears and have to take heavy meds when I go on long trips), so you probably won't have my experience. Be prepared for possible turbulence, though; that can be utterly terrifying if you've never experienced it before. During that, it feels like the bottom dropped out of your gut.

If you can, try to get an aisle seat, so you can get out and move around easily. Keep the window blind closed if you can, because looking down is terrible for an acrophobe such as yourself.

Vis a vis laundry, it depends purely on how frequently you'll be doing laundry - at least pack a week's worth of clothes to start with.


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