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Lady Snowdon:
One of my biggest regrets about our wedding is regarding the wedding cake.  I didn't want a cake, at all.  DH and I were married at our alma mater, and one of the great traditions there that I remember with fondness is the frost your own cookie days.  There would be lines of students through the entire cafeteria, waiting to get to the frost your own cookies.  It was an event, for some reason.  That is what I wanted for the wedding dessert.  Frost your own cookies.  Everyone was against it, except for the wedding party.  My mom was aghast.  My MIL was horrified.  My dad said cookies would cause too much of a mess.  Etc, etc, etc.  I finally caved and we had a perfectly nice 3 tier white wedding cake.  It was even good cake.  I hated it because it wasn't what I wanted and dreamed about.  If I'd known then how much I would lament not having it, I would have shined up my spine some more and gone for it.  Note: I know this seems like a really small little thing, but I kid you not, no less than 5 people have mentioned to me that it would have been awesome to do this at our wedding.

My other regret is not pushing for the CD of our wedding.  The chapel we got married in supposedly offers a free CD recording of the wedding as part of renting the chapel.  I never got it, and forgot all about it until over a year later.  I wish I hadn't forgot!  I don't remember our readings, I don't remember the songs being sung, I remember laughing to myself about our pre-processional music (it was from "Singin in the Rain" and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers") but I don't remember exactly how it sounded.  I wish I had all that. 

I think that on every wedding anniversary you should hold a "frost your own cookie" night, even if its just for yourselves!

Is it too late to ring the chapel and ask about the CD?  You could always give it a try.

My wedding regret, was my posture - oh when I saw some of the photos!  I've been so conscious of sitting up straight ever since  :)


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