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Stop 'Helping' at the ceremony.

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This could have gone into the 'Stop Helping' thread but, because it happened at our Wedding ceremony, I'm putting it here.

As is traditional, we provided corsages for the MOB and MOG.  Just before we walked down the aisle, MIL came to kiss me and give me a hug.  I noticed that she wasn't wearing her corsage. Instead, She was wearing the boutonniere intended for the Best Man. 

Where was her corsage? 

She had decided that my Aunt deserved it more than she did and had given it away. I'm left-handed and this was the Aunt who had strapped my left hand to my body when she baby-sat for me so that I would be forced to use my right hand for everything.  There was no way she deserved a corsage while my MIL went without. Also, the discrepancy would have been noticed by both sides of the family.  How could I honor my side so and disrespect the Mother of my husband?

The floral exchange that went on ten minutes before our Wedding was worthy of a Marx Brothers movie but Aunt understood and all went well.

MIL always wants to help but there are limits.     


Ooh...I got one! 

DH's aunt thinks that she knows better than any host about how to do a seating chart.  Almost every event she is at, she will attempt to rearrange either the seating cards or actual chairs in order to ensure that guests she deems "important" are sitting where she wants (usually with her).  I have seen her throw a massive fit when this cannot be accommodated or if she thinks that either she or her family are not seated at the table that she thinks is "best".   I swear she thinks she is being helpful to the hosts because of course they don't know how to do a seating chart properly.   ::)

And exactly how would this "helpful" MIL have helped the boutonnière-less Best Man?

Hah! We almost had a "stop helping" moment at our wedding. One of our ushers noticed that there was a glass of red wine and some bread wrapped in a napkin hidden behind one of our flower arrangements at the front of the area where we were having our ceremony. He thought to himself, "Ugh! I can't believe people are so rude to leave their trash lying in the front of the room!" and started to take it away to the kitchen trash. Luckily our wedding coordinator walked by at the exact right moment and said "Hey, what are you doing with the communion bread and wine?!"

Wasn't there a story a few years ago about the opposite thing happening? It was also sort of a reverse 'Gimme'.

 It was a Catholic Wedding with a mass and, if I recall correctly, a Groomsman was asked to bring the 'gifts' to the altar.  In Catholic ritual the 'gifts' are cruets of wine and water that are blessed at the Consecration. The poor guy was unfamiliar with this practise but he did notice that one of the guests had brought a shopping bag with a nicely wrapped Wedding gift to the ceremony. 

Guess what he brought to the altar. 



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