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Author Topic: Flower selection  (Read 3701 times)

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Flower selection
« on: March 13, 2014, 01:12:12 PM »
I let my MIL bully me into choosing flowers that weren't the style I was looking for.  This was 10 years ago and hand-tied, colorful bouquets were in vogue.  We had a September wedding and I was really set on hand-tied bouquets with flowers in reds, yellows and oranges that would tie in with the dark red bridesmaid dresses.

We chose a florist that MIL knew from a previous company where they had both worked.  MIL went with us to pick out the flowers and she was aghast at my choices.  Hand-tied?  Looks messy.  Colors other than white?  Tacky.  MIL wanted us to have traditional bouquets in holders and really wanted me to have a cascading bouquet.  I felt those bouquets went out of style in the mid-80's.  We compromised on traditional (boring, to me) bouquets but I drew the line at cascading greenery like MIL wanted. 

I know it's a really small thing, but to this day, whenever I see a wedding with hand-tied bouquets, I feel a pang of regret. MIL is still anti-flowers other than roses and carnations because every time she's been at my house and I've had a bouquet of flowers on the table, she always has to make a comment on how "odd" the flowers are if they are anything out of the ordinary.


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Re: Flower selection
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 03:09:36 PM »
I also regret my choice of bouquet. I had a destination wedding and used the florist recommended by my on-site coordinator (who was awesome).  Since I wasn't there in person, I chose my bouquet off their website.  They were supposed to be dark pink lilies.  In reality, they were almost white with pale pink edging.  They were nice enough, just really boring and did not provide the splash of color I had planned on, so it was a disappointment.

Honestly, though, I should have done my own research.  I got married in a place known for amazing tropical flowers, and in my ignorance, I ordered a type of flowers that had to be shipped in from overseas.   ::)

At least the two big flower arrangements at the wedding arch were gorgeous! If I'd seen them ahead of time, I would have MacGuyver'd myself a new bouquet before the guests arrived.


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Re: Flower selection
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2014, 03:33:36 PM »
We had a rather unorthodox floral situation. I really wanted a simple dried lavender look in dozens of clear glass bud vases. My mom REALLY wanted to participate in wedding planning, so I decided her realm was decor. I conveyed my ideas to her and let her take the reins. I told her that I would provide the bud vase arrangements if she would provide the tablecloths (which she did, and I loved). But she also decided to use many, many yards of purple tulle. And at the last minute, she added these random bigger vases, and magnolia leaves (plucked from the garden setting, to weigh down the tulle).

It wasn't the look I was going for, but it ultimately cost less than $20 out of pocket on my end. Each table had many of these arrangements:

Today, what I remember: The setting was beautiful, the vivid purple altar arrangements were perfect.

ETA: I made my own lavender bouquet with a beautiful ribbon wrap. And 100% completely forgot it. It got in exactly one photo, the last one of the day.