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gelchom, I did read that from the OP and I addressed it in an earlier post.  To me, it seems that gay and lesbian couples (and their straight supporters) fought hard for the legal right to marry.  To me, if the OP says her upcoming event is her "real wedding," it is then confusing that the legal wedding was not "real" to her.  Why did we all fight so gay and lesbian people can legally marry if it has no real meaning to them?

Now, I am not saying that I think legal marriage means nothing to the OP.  I am just saying that by minimizing/ignoring that the legal right "means somthing" and saying the upcoming event is the "real wedding" it confuses things.

Just my perspective.

oh - and to be clear, I think the upcoming event should be fully supported and celebrated!!!!  Just as a reaffirmation of vows and not as a first wedding.

This is our wedding. We are calling it our wedding. We will walk down an aisle, we will exchange personal vows (as opposed to the generic ones we exchanged before), and then we will have a kick butt party.

Yes, legal paperwork has been filed. Yes, there was an exchange of vows so that we could get that legal paperwork. But because we can't have our wedding in our home state and have it be legal, is why they were separate. Not because the legality is unimportant. But because our state still says we can't be treated the same as everyone else. We have to be different. If we resided in lets say New York, where same sex marriage is just the same opposite sex marriage, we would not have two separate shindigs. But we don't live in New York. Or any other state that has legalized same sex marriage. We live in a state with a ban on same sex marriage. So we got our marriage license in another state. So that we can be allowed to have them federal rights as John and Jane Smith who were fortune enough to be in a heterosexual relationship. We just did it now because...well we were there and my great uncle was there, and some our family had shown up, so sure, why not just do it now. One less trip to take later.

All of that aside, you all have given us some great ideas about how to word our invitations. Especially getting from our names to the hey you're invited bit. Without it being too clunky. Thank you!

Whatever you say on the invitation, I hope you have a fantastic Wedding and that your both have a great time on the day!

Some ideas here:

Some of them are a bit too cutesy and off the wall for my taste (and just ignore the section dealing with invitations that have "special requests") but if you have a look through there may be some phrases that may strike the right chord for you.

Keep in mind that if the guests of honor are also the hosts, it's customary to phrase the invitation in the passive voice (e.g., "You are invited..." not "We invite you...").

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