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My greatest regret was not hiring a caterer.  We had a small (100) people wedding and a luncheon buffet following in the church hall.  I ordered pans of food from a "all-in-one" wedding company and thought I was so smart in not going with a caterer.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I bought napkins, plates and such at a party store and set up the entire room myself.  I knew it looked bad :(.

When I arrived at the church the next day, the reception room was beautiful, with real plates and silver, and the buffet so much better set up than I had it.  Teenagers from the church did the setting out and restocking, and much of the cleanup.  No one would tell me what happened but later I found out that my brother in law, who is a restaurant manager, had frantically organized the "church ladies", who recruited trustworthy teens.  The ladies came in that night before and organized the whole thing.  I wish I'd taken the same money for the videographer (which we've only watched twice), and put it towards the catering.

We slipped a generous amount to the pastor to either use for ministry or for a pet project of the ladies' auxiliary.

This was also my mom's regret. Instead of enjoying/celebrating the wedding, her mom and sister were in the church kitchen cleaning etc. How nice of the ladies club to organize some help! :)

Those are some awesome Church ladies!!!!

For my sister & BIL's wedding, my gift was taking a bunch of extra photos. They had an official photographer, but I went around getting snaps of little details he'd likely skip. What I regret is not taking the pictures of most of the food before everyone went through the buffet. I was able to get some good pictures, but most of the pans were too empty or nearly empty to bother photographing. Also, I wish I had written down what some of the dishes were while the menu was still fresh in my mind.

awesome ladies! and BIL!


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