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My "I'm sorry that's not possible" moment



I have been following this site for a few years and am happy to say handle things pretty good because of this site and its advise. Even if I don't post often, I learn fast from other people's experience. :)

I have been working for the same company for 14 years but just changed jobs last year. There have been lots of ups and downs as I am in a new industry within the company (we have many different divisions). I've been working with one client for about 6 months on changing their Reporting. There have been some interesting challenges and a big learning curve for me.

So everyone (client and my internal co workers) involved has signed off the look of the report, and testing of the actual report is happening this week. I have been emailing different people at the clients company asking for help with testign and stating that they needed to approve the changes by Wed this week. I have never received a response and now its two days away.

I marked another email "Urgent" today looking for help from them and made a few extra phone calls. (Went up the chain at the clients company). The main Account contact emailed back asking stating he's been away for two weeks and still catching up, can we delay the whole thing.  :o :o :o was my intial thought.

My email back to him stating "Simple answer no".  ;D ;D ;D This was my "I'm sorry that's not possible" moment, especially since if it doesn't get implimented now, its not going to this year. It felt really good since we bend over backwards for the clients if we can.

Also good ending, someone who works for client and no longer on the account stepped up and is doing the testing.


Another Sarah:
Sorry I know this is old but just wanted to say well done for sticking to your guns - it's nice to have a good news story every now and then!


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