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MLB baseball game - what should I expect?

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My Christmas present to DH was tickets to the MLB season opener Dodgers/Diamondbacks. Neither of us have been to a game before, as it's not that big here or even seen much of one on tv due to all the copyright stuff that surrounds American sports.

So what can we expect? I'm in Sydney and they're trying to give us the "authentic" experience of the game with big hot dogs, bacon on a stick and ice cream in a helmet as well as the 7th inning stretch. We are also sitting in left field right near the bullpen, are those good seats.

I'm really looking forward to it now, but not as much as DH.

Outdoor Girl:
Outfield seats are not generally good seats for watching the game because you can't see the infield really well.  But they are great seats to give you a chance to catch a home run ball and for people watching.  Which is as much fun as, if not more than, watching the game, IMO.  And I'm a baseball fan.

You'll get to watch the pitchers warming up, too.

If you have binoculars, I'd take them.  It'll give you a chance to watch the batter.  And to people watch.  I'd also make sure you take a ball cap or something, just in case a ball does come your way.  Those things will sting if you try to catch it with your bare hands!

We went to a couple of Dodgers games when we lived in the L.A. area. I don't know anything about baseball, and honestly hadn't been all that interested in going, but we were invited with a group of friends so I figured I'd give it a try. I had a great time! Being there is a lot more fun than just watching on tv.

I can't help with advice except, for a truly authentic experience, I guess you should also expect long lines for the bathrooms and beer stands.  :P

I'm expecting long lines too. DH are lunching nearby first and using the bathrooms there.

What do you mean by a ball cap? I thought it was a hat but I take it you mean glove. They can be hard to find here.

I love baseball!!!! We are Seattle Mariners fans. You get to know those around you and bullpen seats aren't too bad.  You get to watch the pitchers warm up and there might be a few.  There are the starters, middle relievers, and closers.  You might even have a homerun hit to you.  You can use baseball cap as a glove but my husband says he ball is coming fast and can knock the hat out of your hand.  Arizona is the home team so I don't know if you want to cheer for them ;D.  Have fun and enjoy the day outside!!


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