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I am an Evil Mummy because...

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Now you have to teach him some lines. "You clothe your women? How barbaric!"



--- Quote from: Piratelvr1121 on April 02, 2014, 07:28:51 AM ---Okay, call out CPS cause I have got to be the most evil of mummies this morning.

Wouldn't let him have cake first thing in the morning.
Wouldn't let him stand with the freezer door shut.
Wouldn't let him repeatedly flush the toilet
Tried to make him clean up a mess he made (scattered his Thomas matching game) before watching a movie
Put him in time out for having a tantrum (x4)
Put him back in time out for getting out before his time was up (x4)
Not letting him mess with cats
Or birds

It's going to be a cheerful morning, folks...

--- End quote ---

Seriously. Who'd have them?
I was evil today because:
- I wouldn't let him pick up cat mess from the ground
- I insisted that shoes were kind of necessary because he needed to walk outside on the cold wet ground to get to his Childminder's
- I insisted a coat was necessary to stop his clothes getting wet from the rain
- I refused to allow him to have a chocolate biscuit on his way to childminder's, but I wasn't truly evil as I capitiulated and allowed him a Ritz cracker instead.  Nothing on it, no cheese, no Marmite, just a dry cracker. Strange child.  :D

pearls n purls:
I was an evil mummy because...
I washed dd's face.
I wouldn't let her play with the garbage.
After 5 minutes of brushing her teeth, I announced that tooth brushing time was over and put away the toothbrush.
(14 month old)

Mine loves playing with his toothbrush too. 


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