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Visitation rudeness

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Per my thread in "I Need a Hug" I just lost my husband last week.

About half way through the visitation ( 4 hrs of non-stop people) one of his co-workers came through the line. As he was shaking my hand he said "I am so upset, I was going to call him this week and ask a favor". I just looked at him in complete silence, unsure what to say. He then said, " I need to borrow his scaffolding" and looked at me expectantly. I again just started at him speechless and he moved on.

The kicker was the next day when he showed up at my house with his trailer. :-(

What a jerk! Please tell me you didn't lend him the scaffolding. Huge hugs to you.

Where is that jawdrop smiley when you need it?

Mayhug, if I lived anywhere near you I would take care of this loser for you. In fact, I suspect if you did loan him the scaffolding he would never return it because "Well, MayHug's DH won't be needing it anymore." Please post that you didn't let him borrow it (and never, ever will).

And, so many (((hugs))) to you. As if you weren't dealing with enough...

(((HUGS))) I am shocked anew by people's callousness.  I hope you were able to dispatch him with minimal additional frustration on your part (I would have been tempted to let him see I was home and then purposely not answer the door).

I'm just speechless. Nobody in their right mind would even think it, let alone follow through. Please tell us somebody marched out to your driveway and told him to get off your property.


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