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Wearing an old BM dress to a wedding

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This is just a hypothetical question for now since I don't currently fit into this dress, but as my diet seems to be going well, it's something I would consider in the future.

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding 10 years ago and got a common style dress from a popular chain bridal store in a spring color. If I'm invited to a wedding, can I wear this dress? It would be at least 10 years out of style so I doubt that the current bridesmaids would be wearing the same dress, even if the color were the same. I don't want to be mistaken for a bridesmaid and step on anyone's toes. Would it be ok to wear it as long as I made sure that the bridesmaids wouldn't be wearing that color?

I tried to find a photo of the dress online, but it is so woefully out of fashion (as I tend to be) that they don't have photos of it! It's floor length and looks like this, but in an adult size:

I wouldn't wear it, mostly because it is floor length. It comes across to me clearly as a bridesmaids dress.

I agree, a dress of that style and in that fabric just screams bridesmaid dress.   You may want to look at getting it shortened to tea length or knee length. 

I think if it was shortened - with the right shoes and accessories it might work. but then again, not every long dress works well as a short dress.

Shorten it, put a fancy shrug or sweater over it, and the right shoes and accessories might make it work.


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