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A Question About Maids of Honor or and Best Men.

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In our experience, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man are the legal witnesses of the Wedding and must be adults.

  Here, I've often read about MOHs and BM who are too young to be considered as legal witnesses. How is this handled?   

Harriet Jones:
They use someone else.   I don't think it's a legal requirement that the MOH or Best Man be the witnesses.

We weren't required to have "witnesses" but there was a space for two signatures, if we wanted them. We didn't have a wedding party, either. We asked our mothers to sign as witnesses, as an appreciative gesture.

This was in Texas, last year.

I am not sure whether other states or countries have done away with the witness requirement, but I am pretty sure there's no hard-and-fast rule about witnesses being MOH/BM (and I've only heard of that being done in a minority of weddings, anyway).

I'm in the UK.

Here, you have to have two witnesses to the wedding but it doesn't matter who they are.

My sister and I were bridesmaids when my aunt got married- we were around 8 and 10 at the time.
My dad was once asked to be a witness for a stranger - he was passing the registry office during his lunch hour, and the couple who were getting married asked him, and another passer-by to come in and act as witnesses.

I was bridesmaid for my sister when she got married last year -  (with my other sister) Neither of us signed as a witness - My sister asked my mum to do it - I can't remember who the second witness was - one of my sister's parents-in-law, I think.

Outdoor Girl:
A friend of mine didn't have attendants when she got married.  Where they were getting married, there wasn't room for more than 1 attendant and she had several people, including me, that she'd have wanted and she didn't want to have to choose.

When it came time to sign the register, one member from each of their families signed the register.


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