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Should you have to specifically invite your date to order food?

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I ran across this letter in the Dear Abby archives and I'm frankly flabbergasted.

Third letter:

A woman goes on a date with a man who "never asked me if I wanted anything to eat or drink." and is speculating this has something to do with tattooed women "ruining it for the rest of us". :o

Does etiquette require that one person specifically invite their date to order food or drink, or isn't that implied by the act of going to a restaurant together?

You are going to a restaurant, you're presumably going to have something to eat and drink.

Angel B.:
If someone asked me to a restaurant(as a date) I would assume food and beverage is going to be had...though I'd assume that if a friend asked me to go to a restaurant as well.

The tattooed women assumption made me laugh...I never realized I was ruining it for the rest of you!  :P

I've always assumed if I'm at a restaurant on a date I don't specifically have to suggest ordering food to my date.  It never occurred to me that I was being rude and I don't ever recall a situation where my date sat without ordering and watched me eat.  Incidentally, not all of my dates had tattoos, so that can't be the common link.

If any man saw my tattoo on a first date, there's a problem, unless we're at a pool party. I've never had a man specifically invite me to order something...asking me out to dinner implies that we're going to eat something. Frankly, if he asked me to a restaurant and specifically didn't let me eat, yes I would probably break out some vocabulary...but a second date would not be happening at that point, either.


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