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Author Topic: Need help with a gift idea  (Read 5115 times)

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Re: Need help with a gift idea
« Reply #15 on: May 08, 2014, 05:19:21 AM »
I think making anything as a gift, whether for a wedding or other occasion, is really a "know your audience" type of gift. 

For example, I like using cloth napkins and rarely use paper.  My dd will use cloth for a special occasion, but prefers paper for the rest of the time.  I have a friend that hates cloth napkins--they represent extra work and having to have storage space to her.

I use tablecloths; dd and friend like placemats but . . .  they both like the kind that can go in the washer and dryer, don't require any extra work in terms of ironing, and aren't fancy so that they have to worry about spills and stains.


And I have vowed never ever to give anyone any decorative hanging (or really, any decorative anything). Not one single time that I've been given one, has it ever been truly a welcome item in my home. In fact, they become a burden--I feel guilty that they spent the money, and guilty that I don't like it. So I want a bigger chance of success with my own gifts, so I won't give that.

I think Toots has good advice here.  Unless you really know the couple would appreciate and like anything homemade, even napkins/placemats could become a burden to them.  Do they keep them and have them available for use when you visit them, even though they won't be used the rest of the year?  Do they donate them/regift them and them have to come up with an explanation in case you ask how they like them? 

I am not saying homemade gifts are bad because they aren't if you know your audience and know that it is something they would really appreciate, use, like, etc.


I think one good idea for example napkins (if in doubt about how the couple would like them) is to do either small set or only a pair and accompany it with sweetly formed message that maybe these would be something they'd like to use for anniversary dinners with each other (I did something like that with champagne glasses. Put a message, that I hope they can find time in future years to raise a glass to each other and remember their happy wedding day, but not anyway hinting that I should know about this/they definitely should do it). As anniversary dinners are really a couple thing and I (or any gift giver) don't need to know about them, the couple is off the hook for putting them up every time I visit if they don't like it. If the gift was fitting, they can use them as much as they please, but if it was not, well, no pressure.

Napkins luckily are rather small, though of course multiple small things can clutter the house quite fast.


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Re: Need help with a gift idea
« Reply #16 on: May 10, 2014, 03:09:10 AM »
You got some great ideas but I wanted to add my three cents on the "know your audience" aspect.

I think homemade/locally sourced/"meaningful" gifts are fine, just remember that you ( general "you"s) need to think of the recipient not the giver. Its not abiut what "you" prefer. There is nothing wrong with going with a registry gift. There is nothing wrong with going with a handmade, reminds me if Scotland gift, as long as whatever you choose is what * they* want or will be happy with. It would be a shame for you to put time/effort/money/love into a gift that they will never use

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Re: Need help with a gift idea
« Reply #17 on: May 15, 2014, 06:42:22 AM »
I like the idea of napkins -  - you could make up a basket with some Scottish heather honey, shortbread (homemade, if you are into baking), whisky / whisky fudge etc.

If they have a registry you could, as Toots suggests, see whether they have listed a table cloth to give you an idea of suitable sizing for a table cloth or runner, and looking at their other choices would also give you an idea of colour schemes and help you to decide whether napkins with tartan borders would fit (and if, so, which tartan) or where white-on-white embroidered thistles would be better.