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Horn Honking (as a way to try to hook up)

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A female friend has mentioned that she has had a few dates with a man I hadn’t heard about.  Things are going good, and I asked how she met him.  She said she was walking down the street, honked his horn, and pulled up near her.  (This was in a public area, during the day.)

I told her I’m glad it worked out, and she seems happy.  But I also commented that I think a guy honking his horn, pulling up, motioning, etc. is (imo) kinda weird and tacky……also something more in line with what teenagers might do, not a man in his 40s.  If he was that interested/attracted, he could have pulled over, gotten out of the car, and said “Hi, excuse me, but my name is xxxx.  I was wondering if you’d like to have coffee (or whatever).”  From there a conversation could begin or the woman would say “No, thanks” and they would move on.

It’s been a long time since I was approached by a horn-honker.  The last time it happened I was a lot younger, we did chat as I stood outside his car, and we went out a few days later.  Nothing came of it, but he didn’t take rejection well and became a problem.  I’ve also had a few experiences where a man slows down, honks or says something indicating he is interested, I say “No, thanks” or ignore and he moves on.

Friend says maybe my unpleasant experience is coloring my opinion about ways that people try to meet/”hook up”/try to get a date.


I've never seen this actually happen, or heard of it happening to anyone I know. Pulling up to shout catcalls or insults, sure, but to seriously ask for a real date? No.

I'm in your boat on this one.  It's vary tacky.

I'd tell him he was mistaken...I may be walking by the street, but that does not make me a street walker. I also would expect no honking, and him getting out of the car for an adult conversation. I would probably still say no, as there's no way the date is based on anything but looks.

Yes, tacky, and I am a little shocked your friend stopped to chat with this person! I can see if she already knew him and he honked to say, "Jill! Hey Jill! It's Bob - remember from 9 the grade algebra? How are you? (And so on)." But a "cold call" honking? I would never stop for this! Just smile and go on my way.


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