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So I saw this idea on Offbeat Bride and I like it!

Basically to show their guests what would be good ideas clothing wise (and what would be bad) they dressed up and took pictures and then posted them on their wedding blog.

So I like it because 1) I love playing dress up (still!) and 2) I'm an examples person. Saying "outdoor-appropriate semi-formal attire" tells me very little. I wear lots of clothes outdoors. Most of my clothing would be fine to be worn outdoors. Oh, you mean I should wear flats so my heels don't sink the ground and be comfy but slightly dressier then normal. Got it.

I'm not sure if we'd do it for our wedding. I'm not sure if we'll need too. But I thought the idea what was a neat way to get the information out to those who want it and be fun while doing it. What say my fellow ehellions? Cute? Rude? Nothing?

I think it's rude, actually.  Adults can figure out what to wear to a wedding and they don't need photo examples.  I'm also not particularly invested in what my guests wear to my wedding, so your mileage may vary on that front.

I think it's fine as long as it's not pushed onto the guest.  So if you are doing a wedding website, you can put the pictures there. 

It sounds really fun and cute though.  Maybe you could rope in some friends to have some real fun with it.

I think it could be useful if the attire/theme was unusual or costumed.  Other than that, it strikes me as possibly rude.

I think it's condescending.

My friend did it on her wedding site, and I felt like a baby who couldn't be trusted to dress myself; given that I didn't have outfits just like the ones posted, I started to question my perfectly appropriate wardrobe choice, too.

People who have questions will ask.


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