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This afternoon I went to a coffee shop and the guy behind me in line was wearing Google glasses (GG). He was standing fairly close to me (though not creepily so) and appeared to be looking over my shoulder at the menu by the register. However, that meant that he would have a direct view of my credit card as I went to swipe it. We had the following conversation:

Me: Excuse me, but could you please look the other way?
GG: What?
Me: You're looking right at where I'm about to use my credit card and you're wearing a recording device.
GG: Suspicious much? I'm not going to steal your credit card number! Besides, get used to it. This is the future!
Me: I still don't want you want watching me use my credit card.

At this point, the barista making the drinks asked him for his order to start working on it, forcing him to look the opposite direction so I could pay in peace. I got my drink and sat down and as he walked out, I could hear him on the phone making fun of the stupid college kid who thought he'd steal her stupid credit card number.

So, was I unreasonable? With increased recording devices in day to day life, what type of "privacy" can one expect in public?

I'm not familiar with Google glasses, but I don't think you were out of line asking him to look away while you swiped your card.  He was rude, IMO.

wow, you're savvy. i wouldn't have thought about that... but now i will. i think the situation was well handled.

I think that's fine. He was totally out of line. You have a right to keep your card details private. The 'future of technology' does not mean he can look if he wants.

Call me suspicious, but his defensive response to your reasonable request makes me wonder.............


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