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How long should you wait for an appointment?

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--- Quote from: knitwicca on March 31, 2014, 02:27:54 PM ---I was once referred to a doctor whose office was running 3 hours behind. I asked if that were the normal situation and was told that it was. 
I suggested to the doctor that running 3 hours behind on a regular basis was unfair to the patients. I could understand if there was an emergency but, in this office, 3 hours or more was standard.  I only saw that doctor once. Afterward, I requested a referral to a different doctor of the same specialty.  (TBH, the offending doctor also made highly inappropriate statements about my sex life - nothing about the fractured leg I was seeing him for)

As for waiting to speak with an accountant, I allow around 30 minutes of waiting time for my accountant.  If the delay will be more, it is common for him to let me know and offer to reschedule. If he knows further in advance, he will call me before I leave work to ask about rescheduling.

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I had a doctor like this too! There was always an emergency. Which, ok, sure, ppl get into accidents/have heart attacks. But if there's always an emergency then you can work that into your schedule. And if some day the emergency doesn't happen, then you can go home early. Instead of having ppl waiting for 3-4 hours all the time. I used to show up an hour late just to cut down on the wait.

I have a great dentist who's office will call you if they are running late.

I have a pulmonologist who is always running late...but when you call the office to see if they are running late they say No.  They lie  >:D


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