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"He's not supposed to have an opinion!"

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--- Quote from: Cherry91 on March 30, 2014, 06:09:53 PM ---It might just be because I have a disproportionate amount of male friends to female (not due to preference, just how it worked out), if any of them gained a fiance and I heard her talking like the bride in the original post, I'd be finding my friend sharpish to go "Dude - ruuuuuuun."

"Everyone knows weddings belong to the bride!"

Maybe it's just because the UK finally made gay marriage legal this week, so it's on my mind, but can you imagine the chaos? Both brides plan their own wedding entirely and are shocked when the other doesn't show up, whereas on the other side the two grooms never actually get married because how can they when they're not allowed to have any opinions on the ceremony or party?

--- End quote ---

Oh don't be silly. One groom's teen sisters, in league with any children of the union, plans it!

Kidding, but that's what happened to a couple of friends. They wanted to get married but figured a courthouse wedding would "do" since they were both guys. Their twelve and six year old daughters had other plans. One had to carry a bouquet of camo roses. I didn't even realize camo roses were a thing.

It was beautiful though. Even if the "wrong" dad wore the veil. (One FOG felt very strongly about "giving his only son away to his husband" but that wasn't the groom in the veil.)


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