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Help with Housekeeper and communication -updated post 35

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This thread helped me clarify what is important to me and look at this from a different perspective.

I came home from a work trip last night to a clean house and that is what is most important.

I actually appreciate my housekeeper more now just from thinking this through.

If she makes PA comments in person I will ask what she means.

And I will be sure to give her the feedback that she needs to do a good job for me.

Even the small things that annoyed me feel different now. She is doing these things for me as added touches. Very minor things and I can now better appreciate the intent behind them.

Thanks for your help.

I enjoyed all the discussion about this kind of relationship and hearing everyone's experiences on both sides of the table.

Thanks for the update and I'm glad that this very interesting thread helped you resolve some issues internally! :)


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