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Is this weird or am I being immature?

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Angel B.:
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything but this has been bothering me and I'm not sure if I have a right to be annoyed by it.

My SO and I are 15 years apart, so there is a bit of a generation gap between us, we also are British and American respectively so there's a cultural one as well(this is more relevant to our friend circles being vastly different). We've been dating for over half a year. I really like to post pictures of us on Facebook, especially since we live apart and usually travel to new places to see each other. However, twice now I've put up a photo of us and one of his friend's fiancees' has commented about her upcoming wedding on the photo, once announcing it and the second time asking if he was coming. My SO is not going to the wedding, but it annoys me that she keeps posting about it on my pictures when I don't know her...I feel like she should privately message him or email him.

Am I being immature? Rereading it now, it seems super petty. He isn't bothered by it, but my SO is very rarely on Facebook since it's banned in the country he lives in.   

My answer: Yes.

Yes, it's weird. And yes, (  ;p  ;)  ) you're being immature.

A mature person would say, "What a weirdo! She's sure self-absorbed, and she doesn't really "get" the way Facebook works, does she?"

Which, actually, is what you're doing, so no, maybe you AREN'T immature.

(I confess, anytime someone writes, as their thread topic, "is this X or am I Y?" I always want to say "yes." So thanks for that opportunity!)

It's just strikes as just a clueless use of Facebook. I'd be a little annoyed at the boyfriend for not just answering her question.

So like the previous poster, yes.

Let me make sure I understand - You and SO will meet up somewhere to spend time together, you'll take some photos of yourselves, post them to Facebook, and tag him. Then his friend's SO will comment on the picture something completely unrelated to your relationship or the trip where the picture was taken? Not even "Lovely photo, hope to see you at the wedding!" but just "Hey, are you coming to the wedding?"

I think that's weird. I'd probably remove her comment. Maybe she thinks he's posting the photo and she's trying to get in touch or something? She needs to post to his wall or reach him by another means. If she contacts you and asks why you removed her comment I'd say "I thought you posted to my photo by mistake, thinking it was SO's wall. He's not on FB much so if you need to reach him re the wedding try email or text. Best wishes!"

Harriet Jones:
I'd find it annoying -- I've got a few people on my friends list who do this, sometimes on pictures from months ago.

Is it possible that your settings are such that she can't contact you by PM or wall post?


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